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If you've come to this page first, I can't blame you.  Getting rid of your tattoo using anything other than a free tattoo removal procedure can range from moderately costly to extremely costly.  Unfortunately, when they say there is no free lunch, I'm afraid it applies here, however, there is hope...

If you are truly in need of a free tattoo removal service, there are many doctors, clinics, and organizations that will remove your unwanted body art for free, or at a low cost.  Some doctors and clinics even offer coupons, contests or drawings for a free tattoo removal.

The providers of free services often especially cater to former gang members, prisoners, victims of sexual "branding" and others who qualify through "Start Fresh" programs.  Some community service work and/or counseling is usually required.

UPDATE:  Some services periodically now offer free removals not only to the above, but in this down economy, they are being offered to the unemployed searching for a job, as well as people wanting to enlist in the military, and even breast cancer survivors who have medical tats.  You can see the latest updates here.



A websearch for "tattoo removal for free" (including the quotation marks) should yield a number of places that offer these services, especially in the major cities.  Hopefully there is one near you.  You can also check with local civic groups who often assist with free gang tattoo removal.  Some will help offset or even entirely cover the cost of your removal sessions.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, providers at offer no or low cost tattoo removal particularly to former gang members, and victims of violence or poverty.  Their services also include counseling with volunteer family therapy interns, as well as licensed therapists on staff.

Also, there is a low cost, and sometimes free, tattoo removal service provided by some medical schools, where resident surgeons practice their tattoo removal skills while being supervised by licensed physicians.  If you live near a medical school you might contact the department head of their dermatology department and ask if they offer this option.

It's unfortunate, but only a few qualify for tattoo removal for free.  If you find that you aren't eligible, this is the next best, least expensive option.


The following video shows one version of free tattoo removal--ink being erased (using a photo editor!)--a humorous, free method of removal--


tattoo removal for "free"



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